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A sexual position that entails shoving a cookie up your partners vagina and then eating it out like a calf getting milk from its mother. Usually used with Chips Ahoy.
John "Dude I totally cookied Vanessa last night."
Ricky "Nice dude"
Aye-Aye Captain ;)
by Yummyboi. December 05, 2011
stoned as a result of ingesting cookies containing copious amounts of THC

Dude I had one of your choc' chips this morning, and I was cookied all day!
by colorswirls September 17, 2008
Being cookied may mean that you are temporarily stored with a username/password, etc
by larstait October 29, 2003
I want to be fucked.
Jerome:Why ur bitch wildin out like that?
Trey:Dont worry I havent cook-ied her yet.
by Quackalicious_ June 17, 2008