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A sexual position that entails shoving a cookie up your partners vagina and then eating it out like a calf getting milk from its mother. Usually used with Chips Ahoy.
John "Dude I totally cookied Vanessa last night."
Ricky "Nice dude"
Aye-Aye Captain ;)
by Yummyboi. December 05, 2011
stoned as a result of ingesting cookies containing copious amounts of THC

Dude I had one of your choc' chips this morning, and I was cookied all day!
by colorswirls September 17, 2008
Being cookied may mean that you are temporarily stored with a username/password, etc
by larstait October 29, 2003
I want to be fucked.
Jerome:Why ur bitch wildin out like that?
Trey:Dont worry I havent cook-ied her yet.
by Quackalicious_ June 17, 2008
when you are trying your hardest to land a girl and she roasts your ass and puts you in the friend zone
Greg tried to hook up with Samantha, only to find himself getting cookied
by sitonmiface3 October 12, 2015

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