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A girl getting simultaneously penetrated by two or more Chippendales dancers. This usually ends with ejaculation on either side of said girl's face.
Oh dear, I can't believe Sister Rose was videotaped getting Chips Ahoyed!
by Ninjas of Love August 15, 2010
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When you have a boner because you gotta take a piss but then you get offered a blowjob and obviously you can't refuse. Then instead of cumming in her mouth you piss in her mouth. Hell it's all the same to you right.
"Yo so last night I'm taking a shit when Jennifer comes in and just starts giving me a blumpkin but I had a hard on because I had to take a wee. So then instead of jizzing I pissed. It was a real chips ahoy she got pissed."
"your fucked up."
by cockcussion May 11, 2009
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This phrase is used to give someone props, in a sarcastic manner. Kind of like saying "So,You want a cookie?"
John: I have 3 associates degree's 4 Bachelor's, 2 Masters and a PHD in Health.

Mark: Wow, you really need some Chips Ahoy!

by Mike Hatch September 20, 2006
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When the chick has some shit in her ass and it rubs off on your dick and then you have vaginal intercourse. Then you punch her in the face to "Sing, Sing, sing".
I hate when I chips ahoy, so I punch the chick in the face.
by Quagledo December 07, 2006
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