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A shot of alcohol, used as code.
How many cookies did you have last night?
by Sean Eff March 06, 2007
A transgendered baby
I was baking cookies last night. They didn't go down very well.
by A. E. Moose August 01, 2008
How many cookies did you get, baybe
by Anonymous December 27, 2002
Sad group of composed of 10 or so teenage girls, who are btw VERY UGLY, and can't sing nor dance...

The idea of the group was based on Morning Musume that was selling extremely well around Asia
Cookies?? P-U-K-E!!
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003
A game played by males where they kneel down and masturbate on a cookie. The last one to finish ejaculating must eat the cookie.
Oh man Jaspreet, you just lost. AHAHAHAHAHHAA you gotta eat the cum'ed on cookie. OHBURN
by Gangster G July 05, 2006
a hungarian term meaning "a small childs penis"
"keechy cookied von" means you have a small childs penis
by nick sipkay February 23, 2006
A females breast or a breast size.
"I want a large cookie!"
by Michelle March 30, 2005