cookie is a knob that treats he's girlfriends/boyfriend like shit
they ask to touch there girlfriends/boyfriend or female/male friends up and if they refuse then a cookie calls them square
cookies can be gay aswell
person 1:oh my god you know jordan he's such a cookie
person 2:what do you mean?
person 1:he treats he's girlfriends like shit. I mean who calls there girlfriend square if they dont want to be touched
person 2:oh my god your right hes such a cookie
by spankyspanky13 August 12, 2009
Has this word got a meaning other than a biscuit or a computer thingy? BBC oldies think it might but I cannot discover what the rude meaning is!
we cannot call the cat Cookie because it's rude, so we'll call it Socks instead
by john500 September 23, 2007
A transgendered baby
I was baking cookies last night. They didn't go down very well.
by A. E. Moose August 01, 2008
Another word for marijuana
Lets bake some cookies tonight
by Pumpkin Yoon June 10, 2008
A shot of alcohol, used as code.
How many cookies did you have last night?
by Sean Eff March 06, 2007
How many cookies did you get, baybe
by Anonymous December 27, 2002
Sad group of composed of 10 or so teenage girls, who are btw VERY UGLY, and can't sing nor dance...

The idea of the group was based on Morning Musume that was selling extremely well around Asia
Cookies?? P-U-K-E!!
by Whale Watcher June 05, 2003

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