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A shortened name for a cougar which, in this context, means an older woman who likes younger men.
Have you ever seen Billy's mom and her boyfriend? She's gotta be 20 years older than him, what a coog.
by brouhaha June 20, 2009
A girl who likes to grind on unsuspecting men at square one or other questionable establishments. Has a sexual appitite of a pornstar and is often in heat.

Synonym: Tracey
Wow! did you see the coog last night? She grinded a 4 inch hole in that guys jeans!
by TOM$ April 01, 2011
Cigarette. Originates from the mispronunciation "coogerette"
I'm going out to have a coog.
by thatoneguy42 July 28, 2010
Referring to the character in the film "Top Gun", call sign "Cougar" who completely wimped out after a little dog fighting.

1. To back out of a commitment (pull a cougar)

2. To be scared

3. the anti-wingman
Dude I need a wingman, don't be a coog - - We've had these plans for days, don't coog out on me - - Nah he's not coming on the ride, he pulled a cougar.
by bored intern June 30, 2010
Someone who constantly naps, who's main activity is sleeping or lying down in a bed.
Jeff: Man that guy is always asleep, I don't get it. Does he do anything?
Sam: He's a coogs. He sleeps like a bum, just loves to nap.
by Tuggstown September 30, 2008
An expression used in a state of extreme boredom.

Coogity Coog Coog


by Kendwaa and Wyaann May 03, 2006
1) A person who hooks up with people younger then themselves
2) Someone younger whom you would like to hookup with
3) A way to express a good time
Other definitions of coog range from

frozen-coog -a person you want to hookup that is your same age
reverse-coog -someone older whom you would like to hookup with
1) She pulled three guys in one night, what a coog!
2) Harrison is definitely my coog
3) Gabe's party was so coogin'.
by energysynergy January 12, 2016
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