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noun - The opposite of a wingman. Bring this guy along if you don't want to get laid. He is guaranteed to shoot you down with friendly fire and ultimately single handedly cause a crash and burn. Best to leave at home if potential pussy is on the horizon.
Brady is the ultimate anti-wingman, his mere presence freaked Susy out.
by Ponz $ July 19, 2007
The Anti-wingman is much like an anti-aircraft gun. Their role is to remove the competition by taking out their wingman.

This requires a very different set of skills to a normal wingman, primarily the ability to spit fire like nobodies business without any blow back.
"Oh, damn. She's already into that guy and his wingman makes him seem like hercules. Anti-wingman, to action"
"No problem, I got this bro" *proceeds to rip out competing person's wingman's jugular"
by DrBigLove June 10, 2016
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