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converse are stupid ass shoes that look like shit and are only worn by stupid people who think the are cool or emo's.
emo : omg omg i got these new converses

regular cool dude : stupid emo
by yur moms March 09, 2009
9 30
Converse r like sik shoes, they used 2 b heaps individual but now everyone wears em and stupid girly magazines have started getting preppy idiots 2 model them, its so demented!!! and yeah other brands of shoes r making try hard "converse" so they arent as special any more...i F'ing hate it....ut they stil are my most favourite shoes in the world.....all star chuck taylors....till the day i die \m/
i love my new converse shoes, like hardly anyone has them.....
6 months later.....
WTF everyone has converse, all these preppy dickheads, this is so stupid!!!
by i wanna sleep February 03, 2006
36 58
Clown shoes. There's no better description for the shit you see teens wearing. Where are the good ol' times when Nike, Adidas, Reebok and others pimped up people's footwear? Now they're replaced by this emo sh*t which not only ruins basketballers' name, but is also thought of being "cool" by immature schoolkids and dropouts.
*sees a group of people wearing converse*
"OMG! They're all wearing similar-looking shoes."

teenage brain function: sees some people wearing converse > thinks they all belong to 1 group > wants to belong to that group > runs off home and asks mom for money, explaining that those shoes are supposed to be cool.
The "I WANNA FIT IN!!!!"-syndrome
by Underground King September 21, 2007
20 50
Cardboard cut-out shoes that last two seconds before you have to buy new ones. Basketball shoes that have been around for a long time, but are becoming a stupid trend. Currently owned by nike.
Stupid Emo-ass idiot: OOH I GOT NEW CONVERSE!!!
normal guy: didn't you tell me that yesterday?
Stupid Emo-ass idiot:Yeah but these are NEW :D
normal guy: what happened to the ones you got yesterday?
Stupid Emo-ass idiot:A raindrop landed on them and they blew up.
normal guy: oh great, new converse. made in sweatshops where poor children are exploited ...
Stupid Emo-ass idiot:What does exploited mean? :S
Normal Guy: You better run, it's going to start raining...
Stupid Emo-ass idiot: * Runs, when foot hits floor, converse fall apart*
by Steal This Definition! March 30, 2006
49 81
Big Ugly Clown Shoes That Skaters And Emos Use.

(See Skater,Emo
That Mans Converse Were So Big When He Was Walking He Fell Flat On His Face And Everyone Laughed And Started Singing The E.M.O. Song.
by GROINHOLD101 July 10, 2008
31 66
the most awesomest shoes ever invented. They will be worn for thousands of years. They will survive the test of time, far better tan those of vans (shitty shoes). Only nerds wear vans and only cool poeple wear converse.
Look at all those cool kids walking down the street! They are all wearing Converse. Look at all those dorks in McDonalds wearing Vans! FAGS!
by Paco456 March 23, 2006
35 88
rad shoes that are HAWTT, they look sexy on sk8boarders wi shaggy hair <3 NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!
emos wear converse 2 which makes them cool.. emo boys mmmmmmmmm jk but yah there cool! totally rad shoes
cool but very un-comfy :( but other than that! they are totally rad!!!!!!!! =D
like where did u get those totally awesome pink and black converse?!?!?!?!
by unknown** February 28, 2006
15 113