I think they're cool but they're overpriced and unoriginal, they used to be quirky and cheaper but now everyone wears them! I still like them, but they're turning into a shoe version of burberry - they're being taken over by chavs and wannabes who only buy them because the people they want to be like buy them.. but they're still the coolest sneakers on earth!
wannabe: like, duuuuuuuuuuuude, i brought some new converses yesterday, like, duuuuuuuuuuuude...
by aaaaaaaaaaalice aaaaaaaaaaronson December 11, 2005
A brand name of shoes. That is pwned by Nike. Therefore, not only are dumbass Nikes being make in sweatshops, but so are Chucks. Screw Nike, Screw Converse.
I burned my pair of Converse.
by S.I.M. November 15, 2007
awesome shoes that look awesome dirty and worn out rather then spik and span.... ya everyone wears them.... it used to be just rockers and goths but now preps and people wear them to
i was so freakin mad when my sister borrowed my filthy converses and cleaned them!!!!!!

i bought some white converses for skool this year and they were so freakin clean! so i wore them outside in the mud and on the half pipe and got them dirty before skool started then they looked so rocksum!!!!
by aaaahhhhhhhhhhh February 12, 2007
a pair o shoes which have become popular again and if u r seen wearing them u r automatically thought to be skater or emo although they r the worst shoes to skate in an ive also seen old obese men to lil girls who like pink wearing them.....
personally i fed up of em being worn by bunches of posers thinking theyre cool
person : hmmm... all those people over there are all wearing the same shoes....
mob all wearing converse : yeah check out my converse yeah arent we all indervidual and unique emo ppl
person : u sure are............
by mrs. zippy December 02, 2006
1) a geometric term
2) a type of shoes, Chuck Taylors, that used to be popular in the 80's. Are now having a revival, except that Nike bought the company and the only people who wear them are people who realize that this is the latest trend. People write stuff on the rubber parts, and some are made all colorful and printed. Little do these people know that Chucks are made by poor people in sweatshops in Taiwan. Losers.
oh my god, i just got a new pair of converse yesterday for like 88 dollars, they're all pink and sparkly! Let's draw smiley faces in permanent marker on them! So fab.
by wearmelikesilk April 10, 2006
An old-fashioned shoe made from canvas material. Uncomfortable after long periods, but certainly stylistic.

It must be noted that the only real Converse shoes are the high-tops. LOW-TOPS ARE A COP-OUT. The people who wear low-tops are the people who just want to fit in, but are afraid of standing out too much. Way to be half ass.
I want some Converse shoes, but conversely, I am too socially conscious to wear real Converse.
by MrTayTay April 03, 2009
Official Chuck Taylor canvas shoes with rubber soles.

In My Opinion the best shoes in the world.

Followed closely by classic slip-on vans.
Cool Emo Kid: Like I Have Totally Gotta Get Those Converse.
Uncool Person: What do you want converse for?
Cool Emo Kid: They Are Like The Best Shoes In The World.
Uncool Person: uh.
by chpsauce September 24, 2006

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