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Originated in Middlesbrough, North East England. People began to say "Nah" instead of "No" but in a faster, more aggressive tone than the other definitions on here. "Schnah" is just an extension of "Nah". Usually used to make the person asking the question look stupid. Used a lot by Chavs
Guy 1: Can I borrow your pen please?
Guy 2: Schnah!
by Calvinh February 24, 2006
Education Maintenance Allowance

A weekly payment given to some college students in the UK for having 100% attendance. Eligible students will receive £10, £20 or £30 depending on their household income. A total of £500 in bonuses can be received if the student returns to college each turn. The purpose of ema is to help students who may struggle financially, but really it's just a way of bribing students to come to college.
I hate my next lesson but if I don't go I won't get my ema this week.
by Calvinh April 28, 2007
Sneakers made of canvas and rubber owned by Nike. They were popular decades ago and have recently become popular again. The fact that trendy people have started to wear them annoys some people, but eveyone that wears them these days is doing it for fashion ...lets face it, there are no benefits of wearing converse; they are made of canvas so you have to pull them on like socks + they don't support your feet, the soles are thin and hard so they aren't comfortable for walking in. IMO, anyone that wears converse is doing it for some sort of fashion reason because you can get decent trainers for the same price. I'm not saying Nike Airs are an alternative, but, that is an example of a comfortable sensible trainer.
How dare he wear converse!? I discovered them 2 years ago ...when I saw that guy from that band wearing them.
by Calvinh April 01, 2007
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