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right, converse are nice shoes, right?
mostly posers and copiers get the black ones becasue, welll they're copiers and are incapable of being individual. ther are a few who got the blacks becasue they like 'em but otherwise the former.
poser :'oh look s/he's wearing converse! oh look more people are wearing them! lets copy them!'
*has orgasm and asks mum for money*

*go into shoe shop*

'i'll get the black ones because im a copier and can't pick a slightly more inividual and different pair'
by rwar! August 02, 2006
23 36
A company that makes shoes, famous for the chuck talyor which used to be really cool shoes, then emo kids started liking them. Now just looking at these shoes can label you as an emo.

And converse makes basketball shoes too, and even though dwayne wade wears them, they really suck.
kid:Man, these are some cool new converse chuck taylors!
second kid: EMOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO CUT YOURSELF!!!!

The new conversewade shoes are god-awful ugly.
by thelegendarysuperkid May 02, 2009
2 16
converse can be used to define other words or phrases such as "the shit", "chick magnet", "lady killer", "most badass mother alive", and "wicked steezy". these do not begin to define the true meaning of converse. when you think of the ultimate, you think only of converse.

converse can be used as an adj or verb.
I just pulled a converse.

I am conversing the shit out of the mountain.

That's so converse.

That looks so converse.

by smarz85 April 03, 2006
16 31
Really gay shoes that people wear to become popular.
I am a lonley fag, so i bought a pair of converse.
by Annemarie June 24, 2005
11 27
1.the coolest shoes ever!!
2.come in many different colors
3.worn by mostly "emos/punks/goths"
4.also called chucks
My converses come in a varity of color.
by ohmygodshutyourbutt December 28, 2005
33 50
Inexpensive shoes made in Nike sweatshops.

In response to Nike's purchase of Converse, Addbusters began to manufacture their own converse-like shoes in union run, fare-trade factories. Instead of the converse logo, they use a black spot thus making Blackspot shoes
Converse shoes blow and are worn only by assholes who want to fit in
by Roc the Emo_Dreamo April 19, 2006
18 36
well first of all, they are the most fucking awesome shoes ever. FUCK OFF all the bitches and pussys that think that people only wear them to fit in. Truth is, that's why i bought my first pair, then i loved the shoes and decided fuck everyone, i wear em cuz i like em, not because its a style or some shit. I dont even HAVE a fucking style. I will wear these shoes because i think there kick ass, and whoever thinks i'm a poser, or bitch, or conformist, or nonconformist, or prep, or nerd or WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY CALL ME, CAN FUCK OFF AND GET A FUCKING LIFE. YOU GUYS SUCK ASS AND PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WEAR THESE FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY WANT! FUCK YOU ALL!YOU DESERVE TO HAVE YOUR LITTLE FUCKING PATHETIC ASSES WHOOPED AND SHOULD ALL GO OUT AND FUCKING KILL YOURSELVES BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IMPORTANT REASON TO LIVE AND BE AMONG REAL PEOPLE WHO CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES AND NOT THINK THAT CONVERSES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH ANY FUCKING FASHION OR STYLE OR "POSER" RELATED SHIT.
stupid fucked up wannabe skater shit person #1: your converse shoes are fucking gay and poser.
me: fuck off dumb shit, you have nothing better to do than call people fucking posers ever since your tight pants squeezed your fucking balls off and you started hanging out with other fucking pansy fagots like yourself.)

(o ya i got nothing against tight pants, just the stupid fucker bitches that are usually wearing them, like said above.)
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