A guy who you think you like and eventually fall in love with, thinking he must like you back, and you are so blinded by love (or obsession) you don't see the obvious truth staring you in the face: HE DOESN'T LIKE YOU AND WILL NEVER GO OUT WITH YOU. Your heart is broken beyond repair and you see him for what he really is: A dumbass boy who never paid any attention to you anyway. So you try to be happier and you realize who you are meant to be with-a Daniel; every girl needs a Daniel. He likes you back and always has. He's been there for you when you were sad or angry, and now you feel better, like the hole in your heart has been fixed again.
Girl 1: OMG! that guy is sooo hot!
Girl 2: Don't be decieved, he's a Conrad.
Girl 1: Ugh, I hate Conrads.
Girl 2: Same here sister. Been there, done that.
by jadestar114 April 30, 2010
A town in Northern Montana, often referred to as the center of God's country. A town home to white trash fighter Rusty Gunderson and Mark Bergstrom. Also divided by the railroad tracks, the tracks act as class seperation in this sleepy little town.
village, town, city, montana, golden, triangle, god, conrad
by Cooper's dad October 11, 2008
an irish blondie
conrad bogie face
by barry big lips February 14, 2009
someone who is a geek BUT only a lil bit
Dean West. who i decided is gunna dye his hair navy blue. =D
by LaineMarieHoward.com July 25, 2006
Someone who joins stupid high school gangs and wears lame clothes in the hope of gaining popularity.
Ironically, it is these things which cause them to lack popularity.
God, he's such a conrad.

That guy should really give up. So conrad.
by uih8 December 04, 2008
A word reffering to the ultimate wankster. You can catch this person at a classical music concert, trying to rap on the music. He also rocks fitted hats, doo rags, wifebeaters, and jeans that sag down to his ankles. If you fuck wit em, the princiapal has got his back.
Wow, kill yourself you conrad boxball piece of shit
by adsads June 11, 2005
someone extremely preppy, who has no sense of style, and who clearly tries way too and does not succeed

can also be used as an adjective to describe someone who thinks they get or wants much more ass than they actually do get or ever will
hes so conrad, he'll never get laid
by KaReeMUH parKer January 22, 2008

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