The sweetest guy you will ever met, a newfie through and through, will an amazing voice and an even more amazing heart. IS in love with one person and one person only. Is the most forgiving person on earth. Is a little bit weird, but it's a weirdness that is not hard to fall in love with.
God, Look at that sweet newfie boy, he's such a Conrad.
by AliceChevarie May 22, 2013
It is the perfect adjective for guys. Guys can be radical, and yet they are frequently confusing. Thus, the term "conrad" was born.
"Wow, Kelsey. Daniel is being so friggin' conrad."
by andiamannam June 08, 2005
sex god
Todd is jealous of Lexi because her boyfriend is a total CON RAD.

Carter can't stand the fact that is brother is a CON RAD.
by trettevizzo July 10, 2008
A guy who will not only break your heart but in the process act like a complete asshole.
I love him so much but he doesn't seem to care whatsoever.

He's been asking his friends to inquire about me, must be a conrad.
by bitter ex April 27, 2011
(noun)- a particularly egregious blunder made by one prone to such errors

(verb)- to make a mistake while having a recent reputation for making similar mistakes
That was really a conrad on your part, this is the third time you've accidentally shaken the soda before opening it and had it explode.
by metsguy234 October 10, 2010
the guy who gets the worst munchies and always mooches food off of people. he also tends to pass out earlier than everyone else, which can be solved with taking a nerf gun and administering headshots. this person tends to be redheaded
dude can i have another handful of goldfish?

Dude you already had five handfuls! dont conrad me!
by theEaSTer BuNny October 12, 2010
The awesome burger king guy that gives us free water!
*we walk up to the counter thing*

us:"two waters please"

him: ok

*gets waters*

here ya go

us: yay free water. Bye bye conrad
by Oob the anti - noob September 17, 2008

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