An annoying fuckboi with somewhat large foreheads, and usually small penises. May be a closeted gay.
Look at the size of that forehead, his name's gotta be Connor
by FartMcgart June 01, 2016
The overall best possible buddy. Connor has a tendency to lie, however he makes up for it by always apologizing with utmost sincerity. He is a tall, intelligent guy whose laziness surpasses all. He plays sports, but isn't a destined athlete. Connor is a generally well rounded guy with few flaws. He normally only has his two best friends at his side, but occasionally hangs with a full squad.
"Look at Connor, such a normal dude"
by JJ what? March 15, 2016
Connor is typically a high school drop out. He is failing many subjects and isn't really an athlete either.
Guy 1: Oh man that guy over there. Such a stoner.
Guy 2: Oh he is such a Connor
by The Main Man JC May 22, 2016
Connor is usually a loud person and annoying
Annoying Connor and Loud Connor
by Connor is usually loud October 11, 2015
The name of a person with nothing to lose except a penis with red pubes.
Connor's are usually located at the very back of a classroom with his hand shoved down his pants rubbing his crotch. Connor's will often make unusual orgasmic sounds relating to tigers and pandas.
John: Hey dude, did you see that guy at the back of the class, he was pulling the best Connor i have ever seen.
Harry: Yeah man, did you see the ferocity in his hand and i could have sworn there was a fucking panda in the room.
John: He was really going all out this time!
by Not You mate November 25, 2014
Usually a ginger with albino pubes in the shape of a gay Nigerian with a deboner; or usually means to cum on bear grylls grandma while blindly humping a deformed gorilla
"Oh no it's Connor"

"My grandma got Connor'd"
by Jesus nigha October 25, 2014
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