A guy that loves a Amanda
Thats a connor over there
by Amandas slave May 13, 2015
Connor is usually a loud person and annoying
Annoying Connor and Loud Connor
by Connor is usually loud October 11, 2015
The name of a person with nothing to lose except a penis with red pubes.
Connor's are usually located at the very back of a classroom with his hand shoved down his pants rubbing his crotch. Connor's will often make unusual orgasmic sounds relating to tigers and pandas.
John: Hey dude, did you see that guy at the back of the class, he was pulling the best Connor i have ever seen.
Harry: Yeah man, did you see the ferocity in his hand and i could have sworn there was a fucking panda in the room.
John: He was really going all out this time!
by Not You mate November 25, 2014
Usually a ginger with albino pubes in the shape of a gay Nigerian with a deboner; or usually means to cum on bear grylls grandma while blindly humping a deformed gorilla
"Oh no it's Connor"

"My grandma got Connor'd"
by Jesus nigha October 25, 2014
To break a prefectly good, working website due to incompetence and/or neglect.
Past tense: connors'd
Brian connors'd the crap out of the site when he introduced an infinite "for" loop to the default page.
by Andy "Pants" Jones March 07, 2008
Someone who only cares about himself and never anyone else. Someone who tells girls he likes them but then after they do stuff he doesn't anymore.
See that guy over there telling that girl he really likes her? What a Connor.
by Not_a_fuckboyyy January 02, 2015
A man who has sexually assaulted me in my dreams in a toy store with a biker gang.
"Stop it, Connor! Stop talking in Spanish!"
by ManPixie January 07, 2014
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