An awesome tall guy who prefers iPhone over android and likes soda and tv. He knows a lot of martial arts like karate, tae Kwon do, ju jitsu, moi tae, pretty much everything. Has brown hair and green eyes with a goofy but loving and caring personality. His hair is freaking long and wears glasses. If u are a Connor, you have most likely dated a wonderful blonde girl who is just like you and known since kindergarten. Connor will listen to you through everything you say if its not chores related. If you ever date or know a Connor (I'm a guy and this definition is on me LOL) then don't break his heart like the blonde girl just like him. If you know a Connor, don't make him mad or he will go karate kid on your ass (if you are a boy). The complete essence and era of awesome and coolness.
*connor walks over to his buddy group when they are felling crappy* sup guys, what's wrong?

Oh hey Connor. We just found out that Nathan's pet just died.

Aw man that sucks.
Well he did have bad hips.
He is in a better place where he has no displeasing and comfort forever

Wow Connor. I never know you liked animals

Are you kidding? Why else would I offer to take care of your guys' pets? I have a dog and cat and they are the nicest animals ever.

My dog loves tennis balls. You could say he is BALListic.

*everyone starts laughing their heads off*

You are the best, Connor!
by Ronnocwwefan April 22, 2013
A pretty boy, who denies it 9 times out of 10. With an Abercrombie model's figure, and the charm of a drunken college boy, Connor is a lady's man and a man's man. Also known as Kiwi to a select few.
Dude: "Yo Kiwi, how was screwing that chick with the crazy tits in your friend's mom's bed last night?"
Connor: "I'm not that pretty!"
by Screech/Wesley Snipes January 09, 2012
A connor is a person whos is always popular. There are usually to kinds of connor. A popular, athletic and hot one. Then a loner, stoner, goth one. All the girls love him and they teachers love him too. He always gets the class laughing. If your name is connor there is a really good chance that you have a big dick!
Man i wish i was popular, then the girls would like me, and the school would know me as a connor.


Why do you hang out with that faggot pot smoker, hes a connor.
by sarah6892 July 11, 2011
Connor means "lover of wolves" and a Connor is a sexy guy, loved by girls and gay men. He's smart, sarcastic, passionate and super sweet, not judgmental. He never says anything bad about anyone. He's normally pretty easygoing but he's not fun to be around when he's angry. He's someone you would want as your best friend. Connor can sometimes be annoying when he tries to be funny, but he's never mean. He's super confident, and sometimes slightly narcissistic, but he's lovable. Normally loves Pokemon, and is a gamer.
Look at all those girls and gay men fawning over Connor.
by queenbee345 June 11, 2014
The annoying person of the group. Never can keep his mouth shut, CIGGY BUTT BRAIN!! And can only last 20 seconds during sex
OMG did you just did a Connor, I thought you would last longer than 20 seconds
by Milesaye June 10, 2014
Connor resides in the North Eastern United States. It is a sizely beast that is known to refine massive amounts of illicit substances and alcohal into solid gold encrusted platinum bars. They typically are known to roam coniferous woodlands and are armed with sharp objects; Often mistaken for a Samsquanch; A nocturnal creature by nature, an encounter will likely result in a mugging followed by violent rape, following this act he will then harvest your tears. During light hours they are docile in nature and can be approached safely and pet; very easily coaxed by soup, candy bars, and children.
Justin: I got raped by a samsquanch last night, behind my house!

Seamus: Was he a hairy 'ol beast ?

Justin: No, he was holding a knife and smelled of vodka.

Seamus: Ah ye was no samsquanch, twas a connor !
by John Seamus'en Whiskey February 09, 2012
Lover of hounds; hound nobleman
Hey Connor, how was that bitch last night? | Oh it was great, I'm living up to my name
by I dont know.. July 18, 2010

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