Lover of hounds; hound nobleman
Hey Connor, how was that bitch last night? | Oh it was great, I'm living up to my name
by I dont know.. July 18, 2010
Someone who is very dumb, doesn't know anything. People are nice to him because they pitty him for being so stupid.
Man that guy is such a Connor, he can't do anything right.
by destini davis January 18, 2015
The annoying person of the group. Never can keep his mouth shut, CIGGY BUTT BRAIN!! And can only last 20 seconds during sex
OMG did you just did a Connor, I thought you would last longer than 20 seconds
by Milesaye June 10, 2014
Connor resides in the North Eastern United States. It is a sizely beast that is known to refine massive amounts of illicit substances and alcohal into solid gold encrusted platinum bars. They typically are known to roam coniferous woodlands and are armed with sharp objects; Often mistaken for a Samsquanch; A nocturnal creature by nature, an encounter will likely result in a mugging followed by violent rape, following this act he will then harvest your tears. During light hours they are docile in nature and can be approached safely and pet; very easily coaxed by soup, candy bars, and children.
Justin: I got raped by a samsquanch last night, behind my house!

Seamus: Was he a hairy 'ol beast ?

Justin: No, he was holding a knife and smelled of vodka.

Seamus: Ah ye was no samsquanch, twas a connor !
by John Seamus'en Whiskey February 09, 2012
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