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Extremely sexy girl that loves to dance, sing, and makeout. She has a great personality and all the guys love her. They follow her around like shes some celebrity that just got out of rehab. all the girls wish they were a connor, but to bad for them they're not.
That girl is such a connor.

I went out with connor last night, she was bangin'.

I wish i was connor.
by nickloverUSA April 30, 2009
person who is addicted to cod 4 and 5.hee is also very partial to orld of warcraft and has the sqeakiest voice you hav ever heard
"connor get off the xbox"

"no i cant "


"im addicted"
by anonymous123445123w4e455 June 22, 2009
A dirty child who stays up till 2 in the morning looking at porn
That little connor is a creep, lets stone him with rocks!
by Yeppi Frapp October 15, 2008
an extremely flamboyant homosexual often seen in or on another guy; a person who would try to start a fight then back out(aka pussy); talks a lot of shit but cannot back it up
man that guy is gay and a poser what a connor.
by connor sucks August 19, 2009
connor is a dick.

he has a small dick.
connor has a small dick.
but he is a big dick.
by robertson60 May 28, 2009
The act of conning, fooling, tricking, or duping some poor shmuck.
Wow, you sure pulled a connor on that guy.
by Chad Spencer November 13, 2007
An irishman who is equivalent to a shart, a big sloppy diarrhea filled douchebag who never gets laid. Also has a such a small penis he urinates on his balls.
OMG that was disgusting must of been a Connor. Shouldnt of ate all that McDonald I just connor'd in my pants (oops).
by I Hate Irishmen July 28, 2009