a crack head with a bottom bitch and he also like to preform awkward sexual such as, The charazard, The donkey punch,
and dont forget his favorite one! THE ALABAMA HOT POCKET :O!!!!!!!!1111!!! this person usaully spends friday nights with a bitch,and Saturday with a small pig he named anthony.
my boyfriend is such a connor
by unknownmanonetwothree August 26, 2011
A cocky guy with a tiny penis. Also might be gay.
That guy has such a small penis! He most definitely is a connor!
by name_expert600 July 09, 2011
connor is a short guy who normally has a 2 inch penis and that's the best he can muster his habitat is a bin and he loves cock all day long he is also known to swallow. he also loves the coulor amber and is a huge ricky martin fan and loves to eat dog poo.
the normal connor
by enrolling October 17, 2011
a small penis bitch but has a craving for pussies and boobs. also a tall man who watches porn every minute of the day.
hey connor stop lookin at porn!!
by sand niger June 23, 2011
a person who doesn't think be before he speaks and usually makes himself sound like a big asshole a common belif is that they evolved from hippos. other aliases include but are not limited too mama coon, fetal mouse and keller
why did u buy that egg white sandwhich connor
by wiz ca soumpa February 04, 2011
A person who is a cry baby and has abnormally small nipples
Dude, that guy's nipples were totally a Connor!
by KMK17 July 09, 2011
1. A douchebag who will steal a girl from another man

2. A man whore who needs to be sent to military school

3. Likes drugs and alcohol and likes to kiss ass

4. A white ghetto boy who thinks he is a cowboy and wears girly round toed boots not sqaure toed like real men
Jane: John is so cute I want to fuck him and he is a connor

Alex: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he is bad news plus he went to a rave and took some ecstasy and fucked a hooker with Herpes
by PurpleDrank69 March 22, 2011

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