Guy who won't be your friend until he is payed otherwise
you:Hey Connor I'll give you $10 to be my friend for a week
Connor: sold!
by the bad doctor September 15, 2010
Lover of hounds; hound nobleman
Hey Connor, how was that bitch last night? | Oh it was great, I'm living up to my name
by I dont know.. July 18, 2010
chief ratter. homewrecker. destroyer
boy 1: yo, you seen connor?
boy 2: nah probz out rattin'
by theycallmethedestroyer September 27, 2012
(not a name of a person) Any guy that a girl uses to boost her ego. He may believe that they are "dating" but in reality - the only thing she likes about him, is that he wants her.
"You're her Connor"
by TheTrueStory August 02, 2012
A player.

A guy who has no friends, and uses girls.

Someone who switches schools to get friends because he doesn't have any, and he ran out of girls to date.

Someone who only wants sex/blow jobs/hand jobs.

A poser who thinks he's a huge music buff but sucks at writing songs.

An asshole who starts fights and overreacts.

A wimp. A bitch. Someone whom I'm absolutely done with.

A guy who has an incredibly small penis and goes to ST. ANDREWS IN AUSTIN TEXAS.
An extremely manipulative guy that takes advantage of girls.
"Hi Connor, I know you're reading this and you broke my heart so you deserve it." (;
by Hctibuoykcuf January 01, 2012
Very sarcastice person that could be very bad in certain situations.
overly horny, and is desperate to get laid.
Sadly no girls give him that chance....
Stares at girls asses, in a very noticable way....
If approched by a connor run covering ur ass!
Shit run it's connor!
by Smart Blondes+ one October 09, 2011
a crack head with a bottom bitch and he also like to preform awkward sexual such as, The charazard, The donkey punch,
and dont forget his favorite one! THE ALABAMA HOT POCKET :O!!!!!!!!1111!!! this person usaully spends friday nights with a bitch,and Saturday with a small pig he named anthony.
my boyfriend is such a connor
by unknownmanonetwothree August 26, 2011

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