A man who pops all cherrys. They look like a giraffe on drugs mixed with an angry autistic kid. There is a special variety named the cherry baab, which mainly made up of strippers and gay prostitutues. Their favorite movie is the directors cut of shark tales
Hey have you heard, connor likes shark tales
by Conner Cherry May 16, 2016
A Faggot Ass Pussy Nigga With The Smallest Penis In The World
Connor Parsons Has A Small Penis
by Gabelololol June 24, 2016
A player. A Connor hops girl from girl to girl. He also tries the make people laugh, but normally fails, while still managing to get the credit.
He can make/tries to make most people happy, unless he is in a bad mood, then a Connor will yell at you till there is no tomorrow.
Anon 1: Who is that guy over there talking to my girlfriend?
Anon 2: dude, that's Connor. Good luck ever getting your girl back!
by Why do you want to know me? June 26, 2016
The type of friend that wouldn't let a friend get hungry, is careful towards others, has a loyal girlfriend and also fixes and makes relationships. Unless there's a problem. Also claims shotgun in his good mates car
Friend: "Connor I'm hungry as fuck!"
Connor: "let's get some food before you kill someone"
by ThePersonYouHate July 02, 2016
A very smart person.
Loves to socialize
Loves to flirt and talk too much
Dude he is totally a Connor
by Dark lord 292737 July 07, 2016
Connor means "lover of wolves" and a Connor is a sexy guy, loved by girls and gay men. He's smart, sarcastic, passionate and super sweet, not judgmental. He never says anything bad about anyone. He's normally pretty easygoing but he's not fun to be around when he's angry. He's someone you would want as your best friend. Connor can sometimes be annoying when he tries to be funny, but he's never mean. He's super confident, and sometimes slightly narcissistic, but he's lovable. Normally loves Pokemon, and is a gamer.
Look at all those girls and gay men fawning over Connor.
by queenbee345 June 11, 2014
A incredibly sweet guy. Who always was to cheer you up, and will make u smile just by looking at him. He also likes sports. But he can be a bad boy at times. He has a big dick and get all the girls can, and makes all the guys jealous. Girls fight always fight over him.
"Damn Connor's so fine!"

#Connor #Sexy #Sweet
by BruhItsJada May 28, 2016
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