He is the most sweestest of guys brown eyes, brown hair, and freckles. He may date one girl after the next but he is amazing. He is funny even when he he shouldnt be and he has a good heart. He may be a pain but once you get to know him it wont matter. Dont ever lose a Connor. It will be the worst mistake of your life. Trust me. I will always be my best friend.
Girl: i just lost my connor
by Babykat1214 October 02, 2012
Connor means "lover of wolves" and a Connor is a sexy guy, loved by girls and gay men. He's smart, sarcastic, passionate and super sweet, not judgmental. He never says anything bad about anyone. He's normally pretty easygoing but he's not fun to be around when he's angry. He's someone you would want as your best friend. Connor can sometimes be annoying when he tries to be funny, but he's never mean. He's super confident, and sometimes slightly narcissistic, but he's lovable. Normally loves Pokemon, and is a gamer.
Look at all those girls and gay men fawning over Connor.
by queenbee345 June 11, 2014
Super duper tiny micro penis smaller than the tip of a pencil
That guy had a Connor at the club
by King Kong dick September 10, 2016
The overall best possible buddy. Connor has a tendency to lie, however he makes up for it by always apologizing with utmost sincerity. He is a tall, intelligent guy whose laziness surpasses all. He plays sports, but isn't a destined athlete. Connor is a generally well rounded guy with few flaws. He normally only has his two best friends at his side, but occasionally hangs with a full squad.
"Look at Connor, such a normal dude"
by JJ what? March 15, 2016
A incredibly sweet guy. Who always was to cheer you up, and will make u smile just by looking at him. He also likes sports. But he can be a bad boy at times. He has a big dick and get all the girls can, and makes all the guys jealous. Girls fight always fight over him.
"Damn Connor's so fine!"

#Connor #Sexy #Sweet
by BruhItsJada May 28, 2016
A wierd pervert with big elf ears. He likes every girl in his class.
Connor likes everyone. Including any Iyanna's
by davidisawesome September 04, 2016
A guy so shady he might as well be a girl. A guy who drugs people a lot for love
Stop being a connor bro!
by BadassManofest September 10, 2016
An annoying fuckboi with somewhat large foreheads, and usually small penises. May be a closeted gay.
Look at the size of that forehead, his name's gotta be Connor
by FartMcgart June 01, 2016
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