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A girl who seems to have no other purpose in life but to collect spooge; a slutbag with no (other) redeeming features.
You did HER? Dude, that's not what I meant when I said you should use a condom.
by couldn't make this stuff up April 21, 2008
13 4
The middleman between dick and pussy.
Man, using a condom is like you fuck it and it fucks your girlfriend!
by Syductive March 24, 2007
17 8
A contraceptive device for men OR women. Used to prevent pregnancy and STDs during sexual intercourse.
Even if your partner isn't sleeping around, STDs can be passed through accidental passing of blood, etc. So no love without the glove! haha.
by chinarose June 27, 2004
16 7
long shaped ballon, fits over penis to prevent sperm from going into egg. Also the thing that ripped during your parents' "fun time" and the cause of your existance
daddy: Damn, my condom ripped!
mommy: Shit! i dont want a baby!
by Condom Vender February 25, 2004
23 14
A drysuit made of rubber especially for penis
Jane: AH dick, why aren't you wearing your wetsuit??
Dick: dun worry jane I'm wearing condom.
by Fuckinghomos July 27, 2003
17 8
a device not yet discovered by black people.
Trevon: Damn nigga I railed that chick last night.

Dontae: Dats wassup you use a condom nigga?

Trevon: A what?
by burrrrrrrrr8723 August 09, 2010
27 19
dorm room decoration
dude awsome condom lighting around the table
by elliot case April 11, 2007
13 5