A necessary evil for most relationships, an uncomfortable, awkward device designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies and std's. Easier to operate for the less physically endowed male. Various sizes are misleading as none of them work perfectly for certain men as they all are of a tight fitting nature. The pill is a better alternative in a proper trusting relationship where you are sure about your partner's history. Causes many men to lose feeling/sensation especially later in life. Often a cause of friction in relationships as some women dont show a lot of sympathy or understanding of the fact that these objects are fiddly, kill the passion and reduce pleasure, and often wouldnt consider for one moment using a female version. However, if you are a player, dont muck about, bite the bullet and use the thing. We know it's crap but its the best of a bad bunch. Awaiting better invention
'i have a condom''do I have to put this thing on...its like wearing my mac in a bath?'

'this condom is so tight, I cant feel a thing? Aw bollocks, it's gone again!'
by Ricohard May 05, 2009
long shaped ballon, fits over penis to prevent sperm from going into egg. Also the thing that ripped during your parents' "fun time" and the cause of your existance
daddy: Damn, my condom ripped!
mommy: Shit! i dont want a baby!
by Condom Vender February 25, 2004
A drysuit made of rubber especially for penis
Jane: AH dick, why aren't you wearing your wetsuit??
Dick: dun worry jane I'm wearing condom.
by Fuckinghomos July 27, 2003
a device not yet discovered by black people.
Trevon: Damn nigga I railed that chick last night.

Dontae: Dats wassup you use a condom nigga?

Trevon: A what?
by burrrrrrrrr8723 August 09, 2010
Cheapest prevention of a thousand problems in existence. For just a buck, you can avoid thousands in court costs, child support, medical bills for some nasty STDs, and you KNOW the kid isn't yours!
Condom: No glove, no love. Unless you're dumb enough to want an entirely different(and truly painful)kind of screwing.
by KrimsonSmartass September 26, 2008
A girl who seems to have no other purpose in life but to collect spooge; a slutbag with no (other) redeeming features.
You did HER? Dude, that's not what I meant when I said you should use a condom.
by couldn't make this stuff up April 21, 2008
dorm room decoration
dude awsome condom lighting around the table
by elliot case April 11, 2007
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