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Condom is a small town in the country of France.
Person 1: I'm going on my holidays tomorrow - I can't wait! XD
Person 2: Where to?
Person 1: Condom, in France
Person 2: Lol.
by Dackstar January 23, 2008
A piece of rubber worn on the penis to prevent fluid from entering the vagina. They are hard to find and embarrassing to pay for. Make a great balloon or water bomb.
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
a piece of rubber you shove your manhood into to prevent you from being on the jeremy kyle show.
holly: i don't want your fluid inside me
olly: don't worry! i have a condom!
by yamar September 30, 2009
A very useful invention that is used by responsible people in an attempt to protect oneself from unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmited diseases. Usually feel like you are "being intimate" with a plastic bag between the parteners
"Did you hear," Scott didn't wear a condom and he got Sarah pregnant!"
by ss_cope July 10, 2008
A type of contraceptive measure. A condom is a protective cover worn over the penis during sex. If its used correctly, it catches semen when you cum, which stops the woman becoming pregnant. It also plays a majot role in stopping you catching STDs including AIDS, Ghonnoroea and Chlamydia.
Condoms come in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Each one is a better fit for you, or may better during anal sex, oral sex or normal sex.
Also called rubbers or johnnys.
"put a condom on, i don't wanna get your cum in me"
by Oli87 June 02, 2007
1. A latex, sheepskin or polyurethane sheath for the penis, to prevent transfer of bodily fluids during sexual activity and thereby lower the risk of pregnancy and venereal disease.

2. A really neat balloon, which also provides hours of amusement when filled with water or Jell-O.
1. Because Jack did not wish to become a father, he used a condom during sex.

2. Dude, Dad's gone. You get the Jell-O mix. I'll get the condoms.
by Allison1690 September 16, 2006
A necessary evil for most relationships, an uncomfortable, awkward device designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies and std's. Easier to operate for the less physically endowed male. Various sizes are misleading as none of them work perfectly for certain men as they all are of a tight fitting nature. The pill is a better alternative in a proper trusting relationship where you are sure about your partner's history. Causes many men to lose feeling/sensation especially later in life. Often a cause of friction in relationships as some women dont show a lot of sympathy or understanding of the fact that these objects are fiddly, kill the passion and reduce pleasure, and often wouldnt consider for one moment using a female version. However, if you are a player, dont muck about, bite the bullet and use the thing. We know it's crap but its the best of a bad bunch. Awaiting better invention
'i have a condom''do I have to put this thing on...its like wearing my mac in a bath?'

'this condom is so tight, I cant feel a thing? Aw bollocks, it's gone again!'
by Ricohard May 05, 2009