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The sexyest Girl everrr damn how did she get so fine?
by Mr. Howards english class February 26, 2003
When you see a girl that you are just like know her name must be Susy, right?
Susy is soo fucking hot
by stupyfuckhead February 26, 2003
I wanna fuk her
ye i do
by Funk-master-0 February 27, 2003
a girl who likes lolipops. she is in my math class and is VERY talkative. she likes nachos.
i have never seen susy eat nachos.
by adrian sosa December 17, 2003
Small tits, nice lips, hard hips, masturbates after she drinks pepsi with her cell phone antena.
by ronjeremy May 08, 2003
Another, rather strange word for shoes. Originated from "shoesies"
aw,rather sweet really.
Person A- You ready?
Person B- Yerp, just lemme put my susies on :)
by Rainface November 16, 2004
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