1. A scabbard for the wenile, as used to stop spoimies from gettin' in the vaginus-maximus; sometimes made to fit in TO the vaginus-maximus.

2. Choo's weapon of choice, when attempting to kill me.
*Kiko wakes up in a dark cellar, tied to a chair with barbed-wire*

Kiko: H-hey!
Choo: Hello...KIKO! *lightning strikes*
Kiko: What? Hey CHOO! Get me out of here!
*Choo pulls out condom*
Kiko: Choo, no! This is too ironic!
Choo: Your death only costed 3 cents to make!
Kiko: NOOOO!
Kiko: Wait Choo; what about the chair and the barbed-wire? Surely they costed money!
*Choo gets lost in thought*
Saucer: Good try, SNEAK-O!
Kiko: Saucer?! Not you! Sneak-o?
Choo: Die, LOVER-BOY! *attempts to wrap Kiko's head in condom*
*Kiko wakes up*
Kiko: Oh, just a bad dream.
Choo, 38, wedding ring on finger: What's wrong, Kik?
*Crypt-keeper wraps things up*
by Kiko February 08, 2004
a condom is a stretchy, and protective cover that is used on a penis, there are also condoms for females.these are used to keep semen from depositing into the vagina. and to prevent a pregenacy from happening.
a condom is made of latex, and is used to have safe sex
by a.e.p June 11, 2010
Prevention from future problems.
Gets a call from a woman. Woman: Hello... Remember the night 9 months ago?
Man: No?
Woman: We had sex...
Man: Aaah... Nice. So you want to do it again?
Woman: The reason why I am calling is to tell you that you have a son.
Man: I am pretty sure I would have known if I had a son, and I guarantee you that I don't have one.
Woman: Enough jokes, funny guy. Your son came out of my stomach last night.
Man: What? But I always use a condom when I have sex... How is that possible?
Woman: Are you saying our son wasn't wanted? You even said you loved me and that you wanted to marry me.
Man: I must really have been drunk that night.
Woman: Get ready to pay child support.
*man shoots himself*
by ad diction August 16, 2012
A annoying piece of silicon that ruins sexual intercourse between two horny ass kids who cant keep their pants on, most likely under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
The hulk wants to be let out of its cage and in roam around in your love hole, screw the condom.
by kaoke October 16, 2009
A rubber device worn on the dick to prevent the cum going in the pussy. If the girl knows your name, where you live, can track you down, etc then wear a condom. If she doesn't, go rawdog.
Girl: Shit, i thought you were wearing a condom?!

Guy: LOL, i guess i forgot! Good luck with that. (bolts out of the door and makes his escape)
by GRU Sniper March 04, 2007
Something you forgot to wear last night when you were doing your girlfriend.
You: Oops, I forgot to wear a condom. Oh well, who gives a shit?
by Misogyny April 23, 2011
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