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The middleman between dick and pussy.
Man! using a condom is like you are fucking it and its fucking your girlfriend.
by Syductive March 29, 2007
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a condom is a stretchy, and protective cover that is used on a penis, there are also condoms for females.these are used to keep semen from depositing into the vagina. and to prevent a pregenacy from happening.
a condom is made of latex, and is used to have safe sex
by a.e.p June 11, 2010
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Prevention from future problems.
Gets a call from a woman. Woman: Hello... Remember the night 9 months ago?
Man: No?
Woman: We had sex...
Man: Aaah... Nice. So you want to do it again?
Woman: The reason why I am calling is to tell you that you have a son.
Man: I am pretty sure I would have known if I had a son, and I guarantee you that I don't have one.
Woman: Enough jokes, funny guy. Your son came out of my stomach last night.
Man: What? But I always use a condom when I have sex... How is that possible?
Woman: Are you saying our son wasn't wanted? You even said you loved me and that you wanted to marry me.
Man: I must really have been drunk that night.
Woman: Get ready to pay child support.
*man shoots himself*
by ad diction August 16, 2012
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a barrier between men and their goal
by ooooooooooosnap November 25, 2010
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Something that pussies use
Man 1: Y U NO use condom?

Because they're for pussies
by Cleaningupthisplace November 18, 2013
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The best invention EVER
dont be stupid....use a fucking condom!

by the NINJA Cheesecake May 07, 2011
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A person who is bringing the party/gathering/social situation down with them. A wet blanket. A person who is killing the mood and good feeling of the experience.
Jack: Hey babe... Let's get the hell out of here.

Jane: Why?

Jack: Wayne is being a total condom. This party is a waste.
by Averant December 28, 2010
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