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Something used to kill sperm primarily used to prevent pregnancy.
I didn't want to be pregnant, so my boyfriend used a spermicide when we had sex.
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
noun. the act of jacking off high up on the edge of building.
Did you here about the guy who commited spermicide on the empire state building, he ruined about 20 people's hair.
by mark86 March 03, 2007
When a hoe chokes giving head and dies
Tonight a case of spermicide was reported when a main street hooker was found dead after giving head.
by TechyDude December 04, 2008
when sperm flies all over the place after ejaculation
dude, i was maturbating last night and i spermicide all over my clothes.
by Andrew "Amagr8" Ace October 25, 2007

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