A:a protector of the unknown lol!
B:penis protector
C:something ppl like to blow up (like a balloon!)
1:TROJAN MAN!!!!!!
2:*dont worry im protected!*
by mandi December 11, 2004
1.(noun) A sheath placed over the penis during intercourse to prevent the flow of semen. Used for prevention of STD's including, but not limited to, herpes, syphillis, and babies.
2.(noun) An insult. Used to describe a person whom one would rather not have around, but in some cases is good to have around anyway. See example below.
1. I practiced safe sex and used a condom.
2. A: John is coming over too
B: Oh, man. John is such a condom.
A: Huh?
B: Well, we don't really want him around, he puts a damper on the fun...but he's practical.
A: Huh?
B: He's a tool/douche, but he's also giving us a ride.
A: Oh, sweet word!
by 12345666 September 19, 2004
A contraceptive device for men OR women. Used to prevent pregnancy and STDs during sexual intercourse.
Even if your partner isn't sleeping around, STDs can be passed through accidental passing of blood, etc. So no love without the glove! haha.
by chinarose June 27, 2004
penis hat
used to prevent ya splat from entering da pussy
by joe mama April 21, 2004
A latex device used to wrap it and tap it.
She's so hot i wouldnt even care to use a condom. i want to be her baby's daddy.
by honeyfresh18.... December 14, 2010
that rubber like thing that people seem to forget about when very intoxicated causing them to wake up in the morning and leave way to quickly. if even making it to the morning
few beers in a club never ends well as you wobble back to an unknown house no one ever mentions the fatal (could be vital) word condom
by dealy November 12, 2008
The middleman between dick and pussy.
Man! using a condom is like you are fucking it and its fucking your girlfriend.
by Syductive March 29, 2007
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