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A video or photograph of up a woman's skirt. Some have underwear, others don't, they reveal the vagina.
The scandalous recent upskirt of Paris Hilton has been hitting the news lately
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
a boner or erection experienced when a guy wakes up in the morning.
damnit, fucking morning wood gave me a huge-ass boner and I'm sleeping in the same hotel room as my mom
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
A device, usually made of Latex or rubber and of different strengths and widths, usually lubricated, which can prevent pregnancys or STD's.
Drew, put on an american condom. Those fucking Chinese ones won't fit on yours; theyre too small.
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
when you feel like you're going to take a crap but nothing or almost nothing comes out.
Billy: Dude, I gotta take a huge dump
Brian: Awesome.
Billy: Damnit, it was a ghost crap. I didn't crap anything at all.
by kilometeros July 10, 2008
to seduce a girl into getting some pussy
John: Bro, I got some last night!
Ryan: Dude, Im gonna get some tonight!
John: (No your not...)
by kilometeros July 15, 2008
A sexual joke when a man, after getting head from a girl, at his climax he jizzes into her eyes causing her to squint like an asian and scream like a dragon
Brian: So, how was Ashley last night?

Andy: Bro, I pulled an Asian Dragon on her!

Brian: Dude! Kind of harsh, but it's about time you showed up that bitch!
by kilometeros September 04, 2008
The name of a reptile humanoid alien from the movie GalaxyQuest. He demands the Omega-13 device from the Thermians, a naive alien group disguised as humans.
Tim Allen shot Sarris to death in front of a GalaxyQuest convention! Right on!
by kilometeros July 13, 2008

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