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Con, a very good looking male gender that can also be defined as sexy or stunning. Does stupid things for laughs with mates, and loves beer too much. Not many exist, but, this Con is believed to be half greek by many of his peers. Con is the correct example of 'pratice makes perfect'. However he has never practiced anything, but still is perfect. Not many of these species exist.
no examples required, read above
by iamawesome May 04, 2005
5 18
Slang term for a ripoff ot the act of ripping off somebody.
A person who is good at scamming others is called a con artist.
by AYB June 23, 2003
398 169
1. Shortened form of the word convict.
2. Something which rips someone off
That con coned me out of $50.
by Gigi July 13, 2004
235 102
Bloody or Damn Stupid in french =P
c'est con!!

It's damn stupid!!
by Zeldwina June 01, 2005
193 110
In french slang it has an offensive term and a freindlier term.Only used for male.
con(offensive):dumb ass
female: see conne
Il est vraiment con se type.- That guy is really a dumb ass!
by lucky05 January 25, 2005
123 63
A shortened term, meaning "Convention". A place where many people with simular intrests gather to show their respects. Such as star trek conventions, anime conventions, and motorcycle conventions.
"Are you going to cosplay at the con this year?"

"I've attended 5 cons this year, alone."
by Felicia January 31, 2003
167 111
short for "Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars", which are a type of canvas shoes often used in basketball, or worn by grebs.
-"Dude, cool cons."
-"Yeah, they are cool."
by tom the cs player October 23, 2003
48 22
A invisible crime. Normally paid with cash alone, leaving no paper trail.

"Find someone who wants something, for nothing""And give them nothing, for something"
That fat rich guy, he looks rather dumb and gullible, not to mention greedy. I am going to go and con 500 thousand dollars off of him.
by Igotcule February 20, 2007
19 7