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"In My Opinion"
"This game sucks, IMO"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
1. An outgoing homosexual, who is very open with his gayity.
2. A person who constantly starts fights on forums or message boards. Usually with many vilgar statements, and outright lies.
"That guy is ALWAYS insulting my posts, no matter what! He's such a damn flamer!"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
Means "File Transfer Protocol". It is a way to share files over the net. It's like networking computers, that aren't on your network. You can transfer any shared files, provided you have the proper IP and L/P.
"Do you have an ftp server?"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
An ascii face or emotion icon used to describe happiness, or contentness. The "^"'s are the eyes, and the dot it a nose. It's often used by asians or anime fans.
"I love you ^.^"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
Refers to a "LiveJournal". An online journal, at LiveJournal, the website.
"Did you see my latest LJ post?"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
This term has become popular on many fanart or anime sites. It is also used on various other web sites. It's a japanese word that translates into "Bonus" or "Extra". It basically involves any material on the site that does not fit into any of the other site's catagories. Such as downloads, photos, rants, or links.
"Did you check out the omake area of my site?"
by Felicia January 31, 2003
1. A bisexual individual.
2. A net slang term for "Bye" or "Good-bye".
1. "I like guys and girls, so I'm bi."
2. "G2G bi!"
by Felicia January 31, 2003

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