adj. con·ner, con·ner·est Slang
1. Lame; stupid.
2. Fake; untrue.
3. Sucky; uncool.
"Dude, some guy stole my pet lemur. That is so con!";
"I hate that fat, ugly jerk. He's conner than Kanye!";
"My history professor is the connest guy in school; he made us all write an essay about Justin Bieber."
by JollyJonMon November 26, 2010
(noun) A weekend-long lock in for young unitarian universalists involving workshops, hugging, and silent football.
-"Dude, you're an idiot for missing the con last weekend!"
by Anna Rose545 September 27, 2008
A nickname only given to the best, most skilled and inteligent of people who have a greater understanding of the way things work physically and mentally. Deriving from a man named Aaron Constance, who was called A-Con by most who knew him. He was given this gift from God.
Rav-coN: the best beer pong team in Citrus Heights, California. Using their knowlege of the game and physics, along with their incredible coordination, the two players dominated the table.
by Isaac Rathfon February 14, 2009
Con (kahn) v.

To leave a game when you think you're going to lose; closer to guaranteeing yourself or your team a 100% losing chance. "Conning" is looked down upon in 138 countries.
I can't believe he conned. He could of taken on those last two tanks.
by Mexican Monster June 17, 2011
a term called on a person when useless information is given.
your friend- " i just had a hamgurger." you-"con"
by xswiftx May 24, 2010
Short for "conservative" in the modern American political sphere. A double entendre because of its "dishonest, manipulative" connotation.
I sure as hell hope the cons get kicked out of office soon.
by deaddrift October 31, 2006
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