slang term meaning "chronic" or marjiuana
"i need to grab some con yo"
by Elle A July 19, 2003
weed of any sort
Yo u wanna bun sum con just gimme a $10 and i'll get u a dego *runs off laffing with $10 in hand*
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
a word that confuses alot of people but it is really not that complicated it is actually short for contact
"dirty nobe is gross dude he gave the sub teacher major con in the back " "oh shit thats nasty fiiloq"
by bboyflex April 02, 2007
any shoe made by the converse brand which include but is not limited to chuck taylor all stars chucks
"hey i just got a new pair of cons"
"oh man thats great i love cons"
by rileyz September 02, 2006
a way to get someone to hurry. It means, lets go, keep moving, hurry up, ect.
Person 1: This line is taking forever.
Person 2: Con, people! Lets go!
by Slutbag November 16, 2005
Con, a very good looking male gender that can also be defined as sexy or stunning. Does stupid things for laughs with mates, and loves beer too much. Not many exist, but, this Con is believed to be half greek by many of his peers. Con is the correct example of 'pratice makes perfect'. However he has never practiced anything, but still is perfect. Not many of these species exist.
no examples required, read above
by iamawesome May 04, 2005
An obese person.

Glutton. Fatass. Fat Fuck.
Damnit Con...fucking lose some weight!
by Threshold of Conciousness October 20, 2004

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