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1. Shortened form of the word convict.
2. Something which rips someone off
That con coned me out of $50.
by Gigi July 13, 2004
blow job given by a chick that has lipstick on, leaving a ring of color around a dudes dick
when kim got all whored up that night she gave paul the prettiest rainbow dick he ever had.
taste the rainbow baby!
by gigi July 26, 2004
The act of shaking la derriere. Founded in pole/table dancing, popularised by hip-hop stars.
Missy be booty shaking like a bad mo fo
by Gigi July 13, 2004
A form of aggressive dance that came from ghetto hip-hop culture and popularised by more cutting edge artists like Missy Elliot. It involves jolty fast movements and angry attitudes. It originated as a way of fighting and venting anger without physical contact.
He didn't hit him, he was just clowning.
by Gigi July 15, 2004
U.K South London slang

word describing a long amount of time taken to get somewhere

From the idea of a mission being something which takes along time to complete.
Beckenham! Ah Bruv das missions!
by Gigi July 13, 2004
UK slang.

First used as an insult against poor Irish immigrants to Britain.

Now used to refer to people more commonly described as gippos.
Tell the diddycoy we don't want anymore pegs dear.
by Gigi July 13, 2004
Camp 80s pop music movement in Britain which produced several noted performers and artists.
Culture club, Leigh Bowery, David LaChapelle, Kate Bush, Adam and the Ants.
Modeled themselves on the Romantic period of the 1800s which focused on love and joy etc. as the way to live your life.
Men wearing make-up and dressing more effeminitely was a popular part of New-Romanticism.
My mother was a New Romantic
by Gigi July 13, 2004

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