A l33t PWNER from Arizona...
Born in 88' He dissapeared into a cyber cafe network, and hasnt been seen since.. You can still find him PWNING peeps in chat rooms and games... Watch out!
Boom ... your dead... Easy as that...
by Joey joe joe junior shabadoo March 13, 2004
Top Definition
he is a spastic colon, and a douchebag. lolz
haha collin
by 1337-haxor March 27, 2004
Wicked Kid That I Know!!!
Also known as Spaztic Colin
Spaztic Colin Is The Shiznitz
by Paul-Peter April 27, 2004
I know that kid! hes a fucking jackass! j/k hes awesome! I see him pwning people on the net all the time.
Colin - owns - all - internet
by Rick James March 19, 2004
A turd licking baby eating fuck up cunt bag hoebag pussy whipped hoelicking whore house son of a bitch crack whore crack baby fuckin shit eating fuck ass bitch.
The spaztic colon is molesting little 3rd grade boys again.
by 1337 May 03, 2004
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