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The best damn clothing out there.
Only 1337 ppl wear diapers!!
by 1337 March 05, 2004
A very polite and/or sarcastic evil mastermind.
"How are you gentlemen?" (talking to people who's ship he has sabotaged with explosives)

"you have no chance to survive make your time" (Informing his victims that they have little chance of survial)

by 1337 November 06, 2003
An organization that is meant to help parents that want to know what their kids playing. However, too many Jesus-fish SUV driving Soccer Moms tink that it needs to be extremely restricting, and that it should be used in abscence of the parents actually sitting down and playing the game for 10 minutes, which would give them a better idea of what to expect, then any ESRB rating ever could.
ESRB ratings are helpful, but should always should be used to assist a buying decision for parents, not decide one.
by 1337 October 27, 2003
A profession that the more still exists today, but was at a high peak in the "Old West". Modern day bounty hunters mostly just track down people that have skipped bail. Most people think that bounty hunters are 7|-|3 1337357 |\/|u7|-|4FUCK3|25 4|25 but they really are not, and most jobs never end in blood being shed. This belief of bounty hunters being the most gung-ho gun experts is further fed by the Star Wars movies.
That wanna be Bounty Hunter Greedo got fried by Han Solo in a bar!
by 1337 October 27, 2003
A 5.7x28mm Handgun made by Fabrique Nationale, it fires the same ammunition as the Sun Machine gun version, the FN P90, shooting the Sub Sonic Armour Piercing round, it is capable of penetrating a Kevlar vest at some 300 meters.
by 1337 June 01, 2003
A great game, arguably the best... fuck it is the best game they have for gamecube, and befor bashing it, one might feel the desire to play the thing befor calling it gei, then maybe you will feel different about the large FPS with great MIDI's.
by 1337 June 01, 2003
Wanna be Rodian Bounty Hunter that lost his life while trying to extort money from Han Solo.
Greedo got too greedy, so he got pwned.
by 1337 October 27, 2003

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