In reference to DNA-code which is delivered in the seminal medium
Sheila gives great head -- I like to shoot my code on her face.
by Charlie Golf March 10, 2004
being tight or beastly at soemthing
Man that reviever was code!
by coppell2012 April 30, 2009

to go into cardiac arrest, to cease breathing and circulation. This term is often used by healthcare professionals
The guy coded before we arrived at the hospital
by EMSHB November 09, 2014
a follower of the code must be a bro head to toe they must lax party and slay hood rats if you complete all three tasks daily... code
Laxer 1: bro I was so wasted last night i slayed like six or seven hood rats

Laxer 2: Code
by $L4Y3R June 21, 2010
To program. To devise computer solutions that use algorithms and some programing language.
I've been writing a lot of code for the e-commerce application.
by Adolfo J. Peña January 31, 2004
Drug dealer's have a code over the phone, so that any police tapping the line will be unable to get sufficient evidence on you.
IE. Don't say 'crack' or 'weed' over the phone.
Dont use dollar amounts or grams. ie 'two hundred bucks' or 7 grams.
Use fake names or if possible, no names at all.
Don't say the exact meeting place.
Don't sound like your shopping. ie 'Can I get a....'
by Diego August 25, 2003
also: The Code.
Up and coming Hip-hop producer and graphic designer.
See also Codeus, or codeine
"Have you heard that new Code beat?"
by chuckhennesy February 13, 2008
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