Best Counter-Strike Player Ever.
Clan- esm #esm on gamesnet
Code Kills Ksharp with a headshot from m4a1
by [esm] code April 08, 2003
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Can onlo do everything
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
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1)"Law enforcement is in the area I had seen them, looking for new people, too recruit."
2)"Corrupt agents, are in your city, their looking too hire the uneducated that will do dirty illegal work for them."
3) "Sometimes working for corrupt government, is like joining a street gang."
Stay out the streets, our government, is kidnapping people, too do their, dirty. Illegal work, or criminal thing's it's Code!

Dave, was involved in working for a corrupted law enforcement agency. Dave, went out and found a young aldult in the city, his name was Billy. Dave, told Billy, if he did not sell drug's, he would be arrested, for drug's. Usually meaning the cop's planted drug's on me, it's Code "usually said out loud too anyone who may not be law enforcement!"
by SmallPotatoe's April 05, 2017
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