Short for code word. A word used among friends in place of a drug name. Can go for paraphernalia or even a certain method of drug usage. Usually secret from parents, and if they're in on a drug's code, they're doing it too. Codes are best used in combination with other codes to keep the secret safe, and for this reason lots of codes can be used even in a small conversation. Codes are often different from one group of friends to the next, and it can be difficult to get drugs from people you don't know with your codes.
Codes in action:

"Hey man, got any toothpaste? I really really need to brush my teeth." "Not on me man, but I got some at home, and I even bought a whole new toothbrush." "Awesome."

"Hey, do I smell minty to you? I just mouthwashed the janitor's closet for like twenty minutes and I don't want my teacher to know."

"Where's the floss bro, I got bad breath today."

"I needa spoon for tonight." "What?" "Code, bro, now gimme a damn spoon." "Oh, silver or plastic?" "What?"
by NastyNateDoggg September 28, 2006
The stuff you put together in a programming language to make a program/script do something.
echo "I'm code";


void main(void) { printf("I'm code too!"); }
by Malcolm July 09, 2003
Stupidest (and one of the worst) members of XFA
"Dude, Code is a FUCKHEAD!"
by RandomMTM2'er October 15, 2004
Commonly used when you want to sexile your roomate and let the rest of the dorm know you are getting laid.
Hey, if i'm getting laid tonight, the code will be a post it on the door, so STAY OUT!
by Caltag February 02, 2004
Best Counter-Strike Player Ever.
Clan- esm #esm on gamesnet
Code Kills Ksharp with a headshot from m4a1
by [esm] code April 08, 2003
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