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It's the pink eye you get after giving a nasty guy a hand/blow job.
Girl 1: Oh my god, how'd you get pink eye?!
Girl 2: It's not pink eye, I gave Tony a hand job.
Girl 1: Eww his nasty dick gave you cockeye!
by Scarlet Jones March 21, 2005
10 18
another word for round eyes of white people. some of them have dotted small round eyes that they look like a butt hole or cock hole.
"stop staring at me with your cock eyes. you're not helping your cock eyes any less small and round."
by Pink Piglette October 04, 2012
154 18
Someone who stares at a males crotch region for a prolonged period of time.

Someone who only has eyes for the cock.
Chris: did you notice julie staring at my package at the party last night?

Ted: yeah, that bitch has major cockeyes.
by knobgoblin September 08, 2009
90 21
an eye thats really lazy and u cant tell who the person is looking/talking to.
Mike, who are you looking at, cock eye.
by Jmz March 23, 2003
96 31
glossy, glistening eyes that a girl, usually drunk, has while staring at a guy. These ultra glistening eyes are the type of eyes that one would like to see staring up at them while she is sucking one's dick.
Guy one: "Dude! That chick has cock eyes!"
Guy two: "What?!?"
Guy one: "Dude, look at her eyes!"
Guy two: "Wow! I want to see those things looking up at me while she sucks my dick!"
by PSU Tailgate Crew February 13, 2010
23 9
The cockeye is the hole at the tip of the penis. The slit like shape of it has spawned the name 'japseye', due to its similarity the the ocular region of Japanese people.
i piss out of my cockeye

you're such a fucking cockeye
by Jofra May 23, 2004
24 17
Cock eye is usually found at last call from ladies using it as a last ditch effort to hook-up in order to avoid going back to the suburbs.
Like the 'fuck-me-look' cock eye is a blurry drunken gaze that tries to appear seductive, but comes across as embarrassing.
Man, that old cougar had a serious case of cock eye. She did not want to go back to Ajax and was willing to do anyone in the process.
by Raphie August 03, 2005
29 28
A sex obsessive person. It's all they think and talk about.
Person one: you, me... handcuffs, whipped cream. Any Questions?
Person two: You're a cockeye, I don't want you
by Lazylupe July 24, 2011
5 6