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2 definitions by Lazylupe

Blood on the Dance Floor's song "S my D" from the album "It's hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World", stands for "Suck my Dick!"

(Which they cleverly disguise as "Solve my Dilemma" on some of their older youtube videos).

S my D is also a commonly used word for many highschool aged teens to tell a girl (or boy) to suck their dick in an undercover form.

Also used as a comeback.
Person 1: it's your turn to do the dishes. Person 2: S my D
by lazylupe May 17, 2011
A sex obsessive person. It's all they think and talk about.
Person one: you, me... handcuffs, whipped cream. Any Questions?
Person two: You're a cockeye, I don't want you
by Lazylupe July 24, 2011