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italian version of saying nigger
hey look its a moolie
by supafly rabbi January 21, 2004
a website in which to discuss large penises. called large penis support group.
dont ask about lpsg
by supafly rabbi January 30, 2004
militant homosexual activists. Instead of thugs they use lawyers to get thier way.
massachusetts has been taken over by the gaystapo
by supafly rabbi May 28, 2004
comic book genius
this guy wishes he was jack kirby
by supafly rabbi January 21, 2004
Cerebus was a 300 issue series by Dave Sim. It was about life, God, politics and an aadvark. It was, at first, a parody of Conan but then became MUCH more. Don't believe everything you read online about Dave Sim. He isn't as bad as some people want you to believe. Get Cerebus and read it for yourself
I am cerebus-cerebus.
by supafly rabbi December 27, 2004
called music sharing by college kids who dont think they should have to pay for anything. aka stealing
ya napster is stealing you douche bags
by supafly rabbi January 22, 2004
a female that is fat, usually try to be one of the guys (as if a guy wants to date a girl that is like a guy??) and get drunk and try to be sexy.
is there anything sadder than a fat chick trying to be sexy
by supafly rabbi January 21, 2004
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