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cum shot that lasts longer than 10 seconds and extremely powerful
dude i cock blasted her so hard that she flew 5 feet
by champagne_campaign October 07, 2007
33 14
N. 1.)The jism blasted from a cock. 2.) A person who reminds you of such jism.
Man, why are you acting like such a cockblast?
by danielle February 12, 2005
28 10
when a man pinches the head of his dick just before climax in order to build pressure before releasing the head and flexing his dick to achieve a cum shot with amazing distance.
my girl was laying on the edge of the bed while i stood beside it and fucked her. just be for i came i backed away from the side of the the bed so i might give her a good cock blast. i surprised her when i hit her in the bottom of her chin from five feet away.

man: Here it comes! AAGGHHH

woman: Oooooo i love how your cum spashes off my face when you cock blast me like that!
by hoes broken May 22, 2010
15 1
Standing on a crowded train whilst priming yourself until a bump in the tracks enables you to pull off your 'special move' as you literally thrust your semi into an unsuspecting commuters mid rift.
Get a load of that chick in the skirt, I'm gonna cock blast her into next week!
by Andywalker October 17, 2008
5 11
1. a person that is worthless to the world, and should be gotten rid of.

2. a roller coaster in Arkansas.
"Man, that Corey Shultz is a real cockblast."

"Hey, lets go ride the Cockblast."
by Big Jerms July 27, 2005
8 22