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Taking a hit of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), as this will be your rocket ship to the moon!
It's been a long night, time to blast off and watch the sunrise.
#blast #off #dmt #rocket #blastoff
by pocketfrog April 15, 2011
The act of smoking marijuana while you are tripping on acid.
(guy) Yo you want to smoke a blunt?

(guy2) Nah man im trippin balls

(guy1) I know but i wanna blast off!
#blasting off #blasted #launching off #launch off #launched off
by Lucidreamer February 16, 2011
When you are smoking some marijuana and you think you start to feel a little high, it is that intense high feeling you get right after you take one more hit that takes you to fucking space.
"Dude I just got a little high" *takes one more hit* *1 second later* "Hoooolllyyy shhhiitttt duuude, BLASTOFF!."
#weed #high #blastoff #stoned #marijuana #pot #kush
by Dennis V Blastoff March 09, 2010
The act of cumming on a woman.
I had a hard blast off in her face after that mic check!
by Duke February 24, 2004
an expression ofen used by youth in place of outdated terms such as "cool" or "bitchin'."
Dude! That dunk was totally blastoff!!!!
#cool #blast off #awesome #tight #bitchin #radical #kowabunga
by Will "Blastoff" C. February 05, 2007
Reaching the pinnacle of creative expression in one's chosen endeavor. Sort of like how we identify Neo in The Matrix.
Dan was so inspired to paint something that he blasted off on the canvas with every idea that came to mind.

Mike was so desperate to get on the other side of the river that he had to blast off in one magnificent leap.
#art #courage #open minded #neo #the matrix
by Balfdor October 11, 2006
Do to coke / get high.
Do you wanna blast off this weekend?
#yeyo #blow #blowdunk #coke #blasting gelatin
by Thomas V May 02, 2006
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