A Clumsy Cunt
God Tom Youre A Clunt
by jaiza December 08, 2010
Noun. A woman who spends every weekend at "the club''. These types of women can be found inside your local trendy club every weekend, surrounded by douchebags in blazers, while sipping a vodka cranberry. They are easy to spot because they are usually wearing mini skirts so small that vagina lips are usually visible while they're standing up.
"Dude, my buddies tried to hook me up with this chick at a club last weekend, she was hot but she was such a clunt."
by candle weiners April 13, 2009
The combination of a client who also happens to be a cunt.
I was visiting a major customer of ours when that clunt told me to fuck off and buy her another drink.
by dudemanshit February 19, 2011
The combination of the "Clint" and "Cunt" a dude that is more female than male.
Dude you are acting like a real Clunt right now.
by PSU Nasty June 05, 2010
combination of clunge & hunt. where a person goes out on the hunt for some clunge.
Jcon. 'you doing much tonight?'

RoadKill. 'yeah.'

Jcon. 'sweet, what are you doing?'

RoadKill. 'going out on the clunt.'
by Road.Kill March 07, 2010
Clown+Cunt=Clunt a code word that can be used to describe those you dislike.
All starbucks store managers are Clunts!!!!!
It's only coffee you damn Clunt.
Melanie and Mimi are such Clunts.
by Numbernine September 24, 2008
Hillary Clinton, used mostly by conservatives
We must stop the Clunt from gaining the presidency in 2008 or else she will put us patriots to death. -Norman Podhoretz
by A Rabid Right-Winger August 23, 2006
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