A female clone.
Bob: Jane looks exactly like her mom.

Mordzoa: Yes, that is because Jane is cloned from her mother's DNA.

Bob: Holy shit! Jane is a clunt!
by Whip 'em Out Whenever August 14, 2003
A blunt with added cocaine.
He was rolling a clunt to smoke..
by friedman March 11, 2003
the female version of the crunt.
bend over see that clunt and touch ur toes bend that ass up and down and get low!
by murda January 16, 2005
The space that can be found behind one's knee.
Brewster ran his finger up Michael's calf before caressing his clunt.
by Gmore September 05, 2006
Where a client of yours is shit to deal with. Cunt and client in one word.
"This Clunt I'm dealing with is fucked, they need to make a decision"
by digiassassin June 28, 2015
A person who acts as if they are more important than they are and proceeds to order others, over think, second guess, and make requests outside of their pay-grade.
Clint is a self-important Clunt pretending he matters and is in charge of others but he's lowest on the totem.
by Jake Woj August 30, 2014

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