the cross between a cunt and a clit. most widely used in montana.
By golly gee, you're such a clunt sometimes!
by skizzerra January 13, 2008
Slang, Vulgar. A girl you can't stand but hook up with anyway because the sex is good.
Man, Stella's such a clunt. I hate her but the sex is just too awesome to give up.
by Cpt. Bravo McAwesometrousers August 19, 2010
A combination of the words "clit" & "cunt", meaning a term considered as female fecal matter, etc.

"watch out, you almost stepped in some clunt"
"can i call you back? i have to clunt"
"hey, you got some clunt on your face"
by DBABY13 September 02, 2008
A word invented by Midwestern Proctologists describing a single, immensly compact peice of fecal matter formed around a hair in the vicinity of the anus. Typically the word is used in plural as finding one clunt often leads to finding an entire cluster.
I reckon if there's one clunt, there ought to be a cluster. Keep pickin' at it.
by Hanz Buttersworth November 19, 2004
two cunts and a clit, the opposit eof a clunt is a clint: two clits and a cunt
actually finding a scenario in which you would find two clits and only one cunt is quite rare
i was with two chicks last nite but i ended up having to bang a clunt cuz jane lost her clit in the war...."
by Xndr August 10, 2006
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