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one who sells shirts that are too small for the buyer to wear
That clown just sold Brent a shirt that's too damn small.
by Ryan, Nathan, and Brent May 31, 2006
5 14
A drunk, pale, retard who deserves to be killed in brutal, painful ways.
Kill the clowns.
by person yo-yo June 29, 2003
10 19
You think you look good and the shiznit but everybody's laughing at you like you're a clown
that's a clown ass fake fur coat you're wearing
by octavia April 30, 2003
3 12
Clown The Fucker who push's you into the elephants Balls and does magic tricks with the penis
The clown showed me his Other Red nose
by ThatSoFunny November 09, 2007
4 15
The modern slang term for Beelzebub, or Satan, or Bob Saget.
George Bush is a clown.
Translation: George Bush is (Satan, a bad man, undesirable, sexy >Antonym<)
by Eduardo Sanchez February 19, 2005
3 14
A racial stereotype of the bred-out native race of Great Britain and Ireland known as the Picts; having red hair, freckles, and really dark pale skin.
If I catch you in a clown suit, you're goin' down.
by RockCity August 06, 2004
2 14
Funniest/Cutest thing since PUPPIES!!!!
clowns are epic
by NYAN CLOWN February 06, 2012
4 17