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to make fun of, make light of.

or the act of being silly.
Susie and her crew were clowning Rosa for having toilet paper stuck to her shoe.
by kayla December 14, 2003
to insert your testicles into a woman's anus, while at the same time inserting your penis into her vagina; normally occurs with several black men standing around
"aww yea clown that bitch"
"nuts in the ass, dick in the pussy"
"yeah, you clowning that bitch"

by Balls Enuranuz May 02, 2007
A form of aggressive dance that came from ghetto hip-hop culture and popularised by more cutting edge artists like Missy Elliot. It involves jolty fast movements and angry attitudes. It originated as a way of fighting and venting anger without physical contact.
He didn't hit him, he was just clowning.
by Gigi July 15, 2004
Being not serious, or behaving like a clown.
Quit clowning dog, how fucked up is you?
by Yaj Nollid August 23, 2003
Clowned: - or Clowning: Also known as "To Clown" and "The Clowning" - To make fun of, to make an absolute fool of, or to school someones dumb ass.
"Remember that time you totally bought Larry Smith's house from the bank, which he lost to the bank after remortgaging it and spending all the money on booze... the house he said you could never set foot in again... MAN YOU TOTALLY CLOWNED YOUR DAD'S DUMB ASS!!"

"Man you totally clowned that guy"

"Man, you're totally clowning your dad! Hahahaha"
by BSmith XE January 20, 2014
1.Initiating a circus in a place where there should be none.



4.Performing a feet of inglorious proportions.

by Don't get raped January 15, 2010
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