A racial stereotype of the bred-out native race of Great Britain and Ireland known as the Picts; having red hair, freckles, and really dark pale skin.
If I catch you in a clown suit, you're goin' down.
by RockCity August 06, 2004
Gary Megson, the Albion manager
Megson, you fuckin clown!
by Pete September 24, 2004
chris and pam wollersheim
The clowns blocked their own children from calling them on the phone.
by mike July 31, 2003
a racial slur for someone who is of more than 2 colored ethnicities
If you are an African-American/Native American/Asian mix, you are a clown

NOT an example: Russian/Irish/British
by Taylor June 19, 2006
a. Male genitalia
b. A relatively small erect penis.
"Zach... show Juli your clown, yo!"
by DickJones September 08, 2005
Something I hate.
by dj gs68 April 27, 2003
clownmeans to be stupid, dum, foolish basically anything you want it 2 mean, not like u look like a clown with loads of make-up,that is just been stupid, callin some1 a clown is better than swearing it helps express ur angry feelings .
wat the fuk do fink ur doin wid my gal, y u sleeping wid my gal u fuking clown, im gonna fuk the shit out of u gal wen he leaves this house.
by sams October 09, 2005

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