a person who just dont make since they retardet and do dumb things for no reason
Shawntia The Clown
by Trae Dai May 20, 2010
To physically assault someone after receiving a threat of harm to one's offspring or the offspring of someone they know.
"Bitch, I'mma clown you if you threaten my sister's son!"
by Ichabod Merendi May 03, 2010
my dads jewish girl friend
the Clown got me a christmas card and a minorah
by mike February 14, 2005
A thing that can twist your weiner into a poodle
I made love with a clown last night and she twisted my weiner into a poodle
by Joe C August 26, 2004
Someone who is pretentious in appearance and behavior on purpose, usually for professional reasons.
...became a circus clown
-Billy Joel, "Leningrad"

He's a professional clown.

We hired a clown for the party.
by no_shot August 24, 2004
OR "clowned"
To be shot or KOed, usally when someone drops after they ben shot or KOed, they feet stick up lika clown
"Man that nigga got clowned!"
by ABK November 04, 2002
The clown is a very unusal oral-sex tecnique it is where a girl or a guy is going down on a guy and right when they swallow you cum then you ticlke them and it comes out their nose.
"Dude you should have seen it her nose started to bleed after i clowned her ass"
by Draven Artos December 21, 2005

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