a woman's private parts.
"Man, that girls clog was so tight".

can be (should be, for full effect) used in conjunction with Dutchman's foot and floshed.

EG: "My Dutchman's foot was such a good fit for her clog, she got proper floshed".
by dnb soldier June 02, 2010
A mixture between a large pink man with his penis showing and a prostitute. Sometimes seen with a deformed looking potential offspring creature in its grasp.
Amsterdam stroller 1: What is that giant pink monstrosity over there. I can see its trunk junk! And..wait..is it carrying something?

Amsterdam stroller 2: Oh, that just a Clog.
by Mlanaaizey April 20, 2010
to have sexual intercourse with a person of no particular importance, usually after slight to extensive drinking of alcoholic beverages
He clogged me so hard last night.

Sorry, can I call you back? I'm clogging.
by SiegeCeege February 12, 2008
taking ur shoe offf and hitting some one with it
that boys pissing me off im gunna clog him in the teeth
by zelly November 05, 2007
A new wave dance step....see clogin.
Boy that redneck sure can clog.
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
The dried semen in the penis that CLOGS the flow of urine the next morning.
Rich; "What are you smiling about?"
Jeff; "I forgot about having sex last night until I went to take a wizz and OUCH, it was "THE CLOG"!
by deefer May 22, 2008
A poorly-written blog containing little or no content, nonsense or irrelevant content, or which contains only advertising or promotional content. Also, a blog posted continuously or repeatedly to get more views, remain in a top viewed or prime viewing position, or to push other blogs out of a top viewed or prime viewing position.
That stupid guy posted his "ill show you how to be a milionare in 5 mins(sic)" clog a hundred times today and screwed up everyone else's blogs.
by DMurphy May 01, 2008
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