a vary outgoing person she is vary independent and a ride or die kind of chick(she is loyal) she dont take shit from nobody but is smart. shes loud and can be selfish but is vary giving to people she cares about she can be a bitch but only when you make her made other wise she can be vary funny and sexy (vary vary sexy) she has alot of friends and a lot of haters she stops people dead in there trackes when she walks by
man you act just like my girl jayla
by babygirl27 May 22, 2009
Jayla's name is derrived from the Jay Bird. Jayla is a very outgoing person with super ocean blue eyes that gets the attention of everyone she walks by. Jayla is also known for her great personality and badass parties.
You got invited to Jayla's party. Can I go as your guest?
by heavery April 21, 2009
She is deeply connected with the earth and animals. She is a free spirit who blesses those with her presence. She is a goddess of poetry, art , and positive creation. She is a deep well of comfort and love. She is indigo and gold. She operates on a higher plane of understanding. She will change the world as we know it.
Mother Earth : Humans are in reverse evolution, so unconnected and confused. I need more Jaylas.
by EJoy January 27, 2013
A princess; A Queen.
A boss ass bitch who swithes hairstyles out the ass. Loves dreadheads and dark skins. A lot of bitches don't like her but she could give two fucks. Pretty girl who will ride for her nigga. Freaky ass bitch with nice ass titties. Can be a cakeface at times. Makeup and hair extensions help her a lot lol but she still cute. Very few get to see the actually real ass person she is. Loyal with a big ass heart. Forgives and loves all her enemies. Will fuck your boyfriend...she fucking will. Saved hoe
Idiot : "You know Jayla?"
Bitch: "That short bitch? Yeah she a hoe"
Idiot : "She not even cute."
Bitch: "She doing her thang though."
by priiiincessjayla May 04, 2014
A very pretty, little, sexy girl who is psychotic and manipulative. She thinks shes the princess and everyone should bow down. She thinks she never does wrong. She is normally really mouthy and talks alot of shit. She is normally very controlling and obsessive. She's known for stalking her prey and making it her bitch. Normally Jayla's are obsessed with social networks and thrive off of the drama they find on there. She will fuck yo nigga then hug you at school. She's loyal to herself and her money nothing else really. Codename: bubble butt
"Jayla crazy man. She stay rappin."
by priiiincessjayla May 04, 2014
a jayla is a selfish person who dont care about any one but her self. she dont do well with sisters. and is very hard headed. and acts really stupid at bad times
damn girl u is really actin like a jayla
by bri roll July 14, 2008
female unicorn rider who works at a mr.potatohead company
look at her!! is it a jayla??
by cassy0186 September 07, 2008

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