a dirty term for
1. putting your bawls in someones mouth
2. fukkin some one
3. in the poo hole
4. suckin a peen
etc etc etc
can ONLY be used by straight people talking about doing straight things.
(text messaging)
Johnny too bad: my wife is pissed. she want to clean, and im too distracted right now.

Scruffy: well dont use your mouth on me! get in there!


hey baby, now that your done with the dishes, wanna clean?
by scruffy duffy doo April 03, 2007
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describing an item that looks really nice.
Yo, that suit's clean!!!
by Cleetus Wilburn December 10, 2001
Having stopped taking drugs.
"I've been clean for 3 weeks"
by Guy Johnson November 12, 2003
something nice or tight
His new Mercedes is clean
by that dozen April 30, 2005
1. to throw as much crap into your closet as quickly as possible.

2. someone that has no STD's or STI's.
1. my room is clean grandma.

2. wanna make out? im clean.
by noni shy August 02, 2009
dressed up nice.
dawg, went and got clean on us
by drtysouf83 March 12, 2003
means this person is not carrying weapons or drugs
Yo, dis niggas clean, let him in
by foo monay November 07, 2004
A song, usually of the rap/hip-hop genre, that has been pruned of all foul language and references to sex or drugs.
"I downloaded the clean mix of that song."
by SoS November 22, 2003

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