means this person is not carrying weapons or drugs
Yo, dis niggas clean, let him in
by foo monay November 07, 2004
1. See cool.

2. Positive connotation.
Damn, that movie was clean!
by Jason April 24, 2003
Adjective or Adverb

Describing something positively. In general, Clean = good, not bad, superb, fresh etc.

Also the word Clean must always be capitalized when used in this specific context.
Kountry: "Alright, so my parents are going to be out of town this weekend so we can throw that party."

Downtown: "Oh fuck yeah. That's a real Clean plan."
by Dackary Zopps March 24, 2009
slang for clean / sterile hypodermic syringes that have never been used. Term typically used by drug addicts who inject street drugs.
Never share dirty needles! Always use cleans!
by CFock December 12, 2008
Has the same meaning as "cool" or "tight" or "bad ass". Use to describe anything positive.
That car is clean
That suit is clean
She's clean etc.
by ro91 November 22, 2005
Another word for cocaine, more typically of a higher purity with less cut.
Will: you good for a ball of that clean?
Mr. Clean: 110, come through
by HurricanesFan2001 April 09, 2010
Used to describe an act that is pleasurable for all those involved
Tim: "I like the way you took those under-20s out to sea and doused them with champagne!"
Ollie: "I know, it was real clean."
by jimmyjamole August 26, 2015

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